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Managing a Momzilla

28 Jun

You thought Bridezillas were bad? Wait until you meet about the Momzilla. Or maybe you already have…

She’s the one who wears a white dress to the wedding (or red), creates drama wherever she goes, has a say in everything and insists on having every relative and person she’s ever known at the ceremony (whether or not you’ve ever met them). Fortunately, my mom and my mom-in-law did not fall in this category. In fact, they were probably the nicest moms ever and so incredibly helpful during my wedding 🙂

But not everyone is as lucky. According to Inside Weddings, there are three types of wedding Momzillas – controlling, emotional and just plain angry. I’d also add drama queen and scene-stealer to this list from the stories I’ve heard.

Here are some ideas to keep this woman under wraps and out of trouble:

  1. Give her a drink (as long as she won’t get too drunk); this applies to all planning activities and the reception
  2. Identify “gatekeepers” – give one or two people a heads up so they can help you wrangle her when needed or keep her away as necessary
  3. Give her a job, or at least something to do – if you know certain tasks will be difficult (like coming to an agreement on something stupid like napkins), ask her to pick up the invitations while you’re doing it. As long as she’s occupied, she’s not causing a problem.
  4. Try to be nice – obviously this is a given… well, maybe not.
  5. Back away slowly… There are some moments where you just need to take it like a man. Some arguments just aren’t worth it.

What would you add to the list?


Welcome to Funny or Bride

21 Jun

Ever been to one of those weddings where you are critiquing every little thing the bride has picked out? Wait, is that every wedding you go to? (Ahem.) When did weddings and wedding planning get to be so serious?

My name is Jen. I got married last year – June 2009 – to be exact. I can’t say I didn’t have my moments of lost sanity, but I did (and still do) believe that weddings are about the memories.  I was one of the first of my friends to be married, so my friends came with open minds and open hearts. Now that we’ve all been to 20 weddings, I’m not sure the feeling is exactly the same.

So, what’s my point? Weddings don’t have to be so serious. They happen almost every day! Yes, you want yours to be unique, but do you have to change into a crazy person when you get engaged? I plan on sharing all those things about weddings that make them the REAL memorable events they are – the drunk speeches, the beautiful brides losing it, the cool stuff, the tacky stuff – and everything in between.